MindCUT Automatic Leather Capture delivers an advanced, yet simplified solution for capture, automatic recognition, and classification of leather materials.

Global quality and performance

An optimal capture is the basis for optimizing leather consumption, minimizing waste and, ultimately, obtaining the maximum yield from each leather material.

The digitized leather materials can immediately feed the MindCUT automatic nesting system, optimizing the cutting process and ensuring the best performances.

Precision and ease of use

The capture is precise and simple. The contour, holes, and quality areas are automatically recognized.

Cost reduction

The solution calculates the exact area of the leather material, allowing a comparison with the area provided by the supplier and thus a better control of the cost.

Automatic Leather Capture features

Digitizing system

Digitizing system based on high definition digital cameras used for the acquisition of natural materials, and video projectors used for results evaluation.

Solution setup

Setup and calibration of the acquisition system components, based on natural material characteristics and industrial environment lighting conditions.

Multiple surfaces of acquisition, of any size, adjusted to automatic cutting system topology.

Contouring and classification

Automatic extraction of contours and holes of materials.

Interactive tools for validation and correction of results.

Interactive definition of quality areas and distention directions.

Identification and tracking

Tagging and tracking of leather hides using a barcode or RFID system, for easy retrieval across the production cycle.


Publishing of the digitized material and characteristics–material type, material thickness, usable area, defective area, etc. - into the MindGEST PDM central repository.

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